Las Vegas Downtown Hotels

Las Vegas Downtown hotels are so much better than they were even 2 years ago. In 1995 Las Vegas downtown was transformed into a street mall called the Fremont Street Experience. That single project did not completely change downtown and to this day You can still see the old downtown in many of these hotels but the Fremont Street Experience gave visitors a sense of security. You can leave one casino and walk out to what used to be the street which is now a sidewalk to the next casino, all under the canopy of the Fremont Street Experience. Prior to that project, You would have to step over People laying on the sidewalk with a bottle of vodka in their hand. Downtown isn’t perfect yet, but it gets better and better. I recommend that You stay in a hotel that is included in the Fremont Street Experience. From the list below I have mentioned in the description if the hotel is included or outside of it.

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