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It probably comes as no surprise that Las Vegas has more Wedding Chapels in a five-mile radius than any other place in the world. What makes Las Vegas such a desirable place to get married? It all started when Las Vegas became the easiest and quickest place to get married. You can get a marriage license in minutes and can be married minutes later. Or, You can plan a Las Vegas Wedding. Yes, People actually plan to marry in Las Vegas, it’s not just for spontaneous weddings. There is no wedding you cannot have in Vegas, even custom made just for You. It is likely that You will find a theme to Your liking but You can change any wedding package to suit Your wishes. You can choose from stand alone Wedding Chapels or wedding chapels on the property of almost every resort casino on the Strip and all over Vegas.
Why can You have a great wedding in Las Vegas for a fraction of the price that it would cost You at home? These Las Vegas Chapels deal in volume, the space is set up 24/7, everything to do a wedding is ready and that expense is shared with 1000’s of weddings so it is almost nothing. The decorations are paid for many times over so the charge for that is very little. The Bartender, the DJ, the wait staff all get plenty of work from the wedding chapel and do not have to get a minimum that You have to pay at home. Of course You can have a simple no reception wedding and be done in minutes if You would like. You can make it quick and simple or invite family and friends and have the same wedding you would have at home for a fraction of the cost, plus Your guest will be in Vegas!

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