The Las Vegas Strip is Paradise!

paradise, nevada

The Las Vegas Strip is in Paradise, Nevada not Las Vegas.
The Las Vegas Strip is in Paradise, Nevada not Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Strip is Paradise! Paradise, Nevada, that is. Did You know that the City of Las Vegas does not start until You are north of Sahara Ave? Remember the now defunct Sahara Hotel and Casino? Just north heading downtown is the City of Las Vegas which includes downtown Las Vegas. Thank goodness for that or the Las Vegas Strip would be in the hands of the idiots that are running downtown Las Vegas. The Strip has no incompetent mayor or out of touch commissioners to make up stupid ordinances.
The latest idiotic suggestion by the now Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman on what to do about the alcohol sales in downtown Las Vegas, reminded Me of how lucky We are that She has no control over the Strip. I was once a big supporter of Downtown Las Vegas, but that was before it was destroyed by this type of stupidity.

Remember that when You read about the Mayor of Las Vegas or a commissioner of Las Vegas performing some ceremony on the Las Vegas Strip, they have no more right to do so than Me or You. In fact, the Hotel/Casinos that let them do so are often very annoyed at the sight of them. The Welcome to Las Vegas sign is 4 miles out of the Las Vegas City limits, it should say welcome to Paradise!

The recent article in the las Vegas Sun is worth reading just to remind Us how good it is to have the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise instead of Las Vegas.