March Madness brings plenty of betting to Las Vegas Sports Books

Betting is all over Vegas and there is no time better than March Madness to do so.
The heavy betting was who would win it all. A lot of money was placed on the Florida Gators who are probably the most heavily favored to win in modern times. The bet doesn’t pay well, but that didn’t stop bettors from getting money down early to get an expected payoff later. Individual game bets were at a heavy pace as well as first half and prop bets.

Florida: 3-to-1
Arizona: 6-to-1
Michigan State: 7-to-1
Wichita State: 9-to-1
Louisville: 10-to-1
Michigan: 11-to-1
Duke: 12-to-1
Kansas: 14-to-1
Virginia: 14-to-1
Syracuse: 18-to-1
Villanova: 18-to-1
Wisconsin: 20-to-1
Iowa State: 25-to-1
Kentucky: 30-to-1
UCLA: 35-to-1
Cincinnati: 40-to-1
Connecticut: 40-to-1
Creighton: 40-to-1
San Diego State: 40-to-1
New Mexico: 65-to-1
Ohio State: 75-to-1
Oklahoma State: 75-to-1
Memphis: 85-to-1
North Carolina: 85-to-1
Pittsburgh: 85-to-1
VCU: 85-to-1
Baylor: 100-to-1
Oklahoma: 100-to-1
Gonzaga: 125-to-1
Oregon: 125-to-1
Saint Louis: 125-to-1
Texas: 125-to-1
Iowa: 175-to-1
Providence: 200-to-1
Stanford: 200-to-1
Tennessee: 200-to-1
BYU: 250-to-1
Colorado: 250-to-1
Kansas State: 250-to-1
Xavier: 275-to-1
Arizona State: 300-to-1
North Carolina State: 400-to-1
New Mexico State: 500-to-1
Field: 50-to-1