Lucky Dragon Boutique Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

The newest Hotel/Casino has opened in Las Vegas very close to the last one that opened (SLS).

In case You did not know Chinese People are very superstitious and it shows at this Boutique hotel. There is no floor number 4 because number 4 it is unlucky and there are lots of octagon shapes because number 8 IS lucky. You will also notice right away the staff is nearly all Chinese. The staff speaks English as well as their native Chinese. The Resort will provide a better experience for Chinese People because the food is real Chinese not American Chinese and the staff can communicate better.

The rooms follow all the laws of feng shui so You will have good luck but remember the Casino is also blessed with good luck so something has got to give.


Lucky Dragon seen from the parking lot of The SLS, shows the distance from the Las Vegas Strip


Lucky Dragon is just west of the Las Vegas Strip on Sahara. You can see it behind the World’s largest Gift Shop in the picture above.


The above picture shows the front entrance to the Lucky Dragon


The above picture shows one of the Chinese Restaurants at the Lucky Dragon. The restaurant serves only authentic Chinese food not American-Chinese


The above picture shows what Lucky Dragon has one of the most modern games in Las Vegas, Dynasty.


The above picture shows Bao Now fast serve Chinese Restaurant. It is authentic to Chinese and is what You would expect in street markets in Asia.


The above picture shows the clean well spaced slot area at the Lucky Dragon.


The above picture shows the well spaced Table game area at the Lucky Dragon


The above picture shows the Center Bar, it is Octagon shaped because 8 is a lucky number to Chinese People.


The above picture is the High Limit room, this room will fill up on busy nights.


The above picture shows the generous amount of space between slot machines at the Lucky Dragon

The above picture shows the slots and the beautiful surroundings at the Lucky Dragon


The above picture shows the dragon that is the center piece over the center bar at the Lucky Dragon