Legalized recreational marijuana arrives in Las Vegas January 1, 2017 what it means in the Casinos

Marijuana dispensary located just two blocks from the Las Vegas Strip
Marijuana dispensary located just two blocks from the Las Vegas Strip

Legalized recreational marijuana went into effect on January 1, 2017 in Las Vegas. So You are picturing Yourself smoking a blunt next to the cigarette smokers at the slot machines? Pot smokers are going to be disappointed to find out that NO, You absolutely cannot smoke Marijuana on ANY Casino property in Las Vegas or Clark County. Clark County or Paradise is where the Las Vegas Strip is, Downtown is in the City of Las Vegas but both locations will not allow Marijuana use. The only way this could change is if the Federal Government legalizes Marijuana because the Gaming board goes by Federal Law NOT State law. And the State law that allows You to smoke Marijuana also says You cannot smoke pot anywhere in public.

The new Law that went in to effect on January 1, 2017 could actually make it harder for You to smoke Pot in and around Las Vegas. Before the law change there was No focus on it and plenty of People were smoking it walking down the Street. When the law changed  plenty of People think They can smoke it in their hotel room, on the street and in the Casino so the Casino properties will have to put plenty of signs up letting You know that is not the case. Not only can You NOT smoke pot in Your room even if it is a smoking room, You also cannot indulge in edible Marijuana. Of course the chance of getting caught with edible marijuana is slim so if You decide to do it You shouldn’t leave it laying out in public view. The law says You cannot smoke Marijuana in public PERIOD.

So where can You smoke Marijuana legally in Vegas after January 1, 2017? At a non casino property that allows it. The problem is most non casino properties are NON smoking so They are not likely to change Their policy to accept Marijuana smoking. But these non Casino properties are not likely to have a problem with You smoking pot outside. How about outside on the strip? Yes and No. It would not be a good idea to light up when You are at the Linq Promenade even though You might get away with it. Since it is owned by Caesars Entertainment they are bound by Federal Law not state law because of the Gaming license. The gaming license is the most important thing to any Casino property, without it they are out of business so they are not going to get in trouble because of one Hippie wanting to get high on their property. You likely will be able to walk down the sidewalk in front of the Casinos and not have problems but not if You sit down and pull out a bong.

All in All, it is most likely just going to be a huge headache for the Casino properties and a huge disappointment to the stoners.

UPDATE The People walking the sidewalks and off roads near the Strip are still smoking Pot on a regular basis. It seems like the Police are not going to waste their time issuing a Citation. That does not mean They wont but if You are otherwise doing nothing offensive, They Probably are not looking for You.