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foreigner and styx

Orleans Arena – The Orleans Hotel – Styx & Foreigner
July 25, 2014: See all these old guys do things old guys normally cannot do: Jump around and play some bad ass rock n roll.
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Las Vegas Casinos on the Stock Exchange
Would it make You feel any better if You just lost a grand at a Las Vegas Casino if Yow owned a piece of it? Well, You can and some of the stocks are doing very well. These Worldwide companies have properties in Las Vegas as well as all over America and even in other Countries.
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the rat pack las vegas

The most famous debuts in Las Vegas history
Liberace, Elvis, Sinatra, Wayne Newton, Siegfried & Roy, Don Rickles, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion and the Rat Pack. Interestingly, more than half of them debut at Hotel/Casinos that are no longer in business.
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kiss at the joint at hard rock

Kiss is taking up residency at The Joint at the Hard Rock. Starting November 15, 2014 You will have many chances to see Kiss live. Locals are buying up tickets to the first months worth of shows and many are buying multiple dates. If You are a fan of Kiss You know this is a show You can see over and over.
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Lady GaGa, July 19 and August 1, 2014
She will perform at the MGM Garden Arena. Will She stay in Las Vegas from the first to the second show?
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bov stratosphere las vegas

Las Vegas is running out of Cheap Hotels
The cheap ones are getting torn down and rebuilt or just remodeled, either way, the end product does not go back to being a cheap Hotel, it ends up expensive. I am not blaming the hotels for wanting to improve their property but I sure hope this doesn’t keep up.
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Happy Hour at the Hi Roller
Hi Roller turns 100 days old and is celebrating by giving You special prices and a happy hour. Already giving discounts for summer riders the Hi Roller is offering more.
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Giada De Laurentiis

Giada De Laurentiis is coming to town!
Can She cook? Actually, yes, She can. She is the hottest thing on the food network and will soon be the hottest chef/owner on the Las Vegas Strip. Her Restaurant will feature three dining choices, one elegant dining, one lounge dining and one patio dining overlooking the busiest intersection all over Vegas. Continue reading…..


The Las Vegas Strip is not in Las Vegas!
The Las Vegas Strip is Paradise! Paradise, Nevada, that is. Did You know that the City of Las Vegas does not start until You are north of Sahara Ave? continue Reading…….






Hi Roller at The Linq
I cannot say this is worth the time and frustration. The price is reasonable but I would maybe wait until they figure out how to get You on the ride in five minutes instead of 20 (even when empty). If this attraction is ever get crowded, I would expect to wait a long long time. Continue Reading…..

downtown las vegas before fremont experience

Downtown Las Vegas Sucks!
There are new alcohol container laws or old laws being enforced. No longer is Las Vegas the place where You can walk around with Your drink anywhere You want. The City was known for that and now that has changed. Seems that the City of Las Vegas had a plan to get rid of the package stores downtown because their prices were much lower than the bars that were outside the casinos. The casinos did not like the competition and forced the City of Las Vegas to do something and they did. Have You ever tried to walk and drink a beer out of a cup? Spills all over You, doesn’t it? Continue Reading………

las vegas thunder from down under strip show

Thunder from Down Under celebrates 13 years at Excalibur in Las Vegas. The day fell over the Forth of July weekend, 2014. The show is now the most successful male revue in Las Vegas. Male Revues have come and gone in Las Vegas, the only two that having staying power is The thunder and the Chippendales. there will be more to try but these two will likely outlast them all.
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the cromwell center strip las vegas

The Cromwell, newest Hotel in Las Vegas
This hotel is not meant for sleeping regular hours. You can sleep in a great bed but You need to wait until the music stops on the roof. The rooftop pool party goes until 4am and the thumping goes all the way down to the lobby and even to the hotels across the street. It is something Las Vegas is going to have to address very soon as more and more day and night clubs are added to hotels all over Vegas. Keep Reading………

holly madison to star in new show in las vegas

Find Girls in Las Vegas
It is very easy to do if You are willing to spend some money. You can even do it for free if You want to spend most of the night cruising the casinos and the bars. If You want a sure thing You can get an escort.

half price tickets for zombie burlesque

Zombie Burlesque
This show has surprised Everyone. The crowds have been twice as good as expected. So much so that the producers decided to design a stage specifically for this show. Not many shows this new have become this popular so fast. We still have this show at 50 percent off but I am not sure how or why. This could end any day now.


Jackie Gaughan Honored
He owned the South Point Hotel Casino at the time of His death in March of 2014. His Grandson got His first Nascar Nationwide Victory in June of 2014 with Jackie’s name on the winning South Point Car. But Jackie’s first love was the El Cortez where He lived in an apartment until the day He died. He was the majority owner of the Elcortez until 2008. Read More……..



lebron james in cleveland jersey

The Cleveland Cavaliers are now 9 – 2 favorites to win 2015 Title
We have all done it, wish We would have placed a bet on a long shot only to see the long shot become the favorite. Now the favorite is Cleveland but just a month ago the odds were 40-1 then rumor of Lebron returning to Cleveland reduced the odds to 10-1, not as good but a far cry from 9-2. Now it is a bet not worth taking.
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