Divorce Party, Ballys, Las Vegas

divorce party at ballys las vegas

Tickets for Divorce Party

Your Las Vegas vacation is ready to become the biggest girls’ night out of all time when you head over to Bally’s for the all new musical Divorce Party. Linda is having a tough go of it after her recent divorce. She’s content to wallow in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, but her friends won’t have any of it. Instead, they whisk her away to Vegas for a weekend of fun to try and distance her from the memories of the past. With tickets on BestofVegas.com, get ready for a show that uses popular music with clever twists on the lyrics, and some lively characters that bring in laughs from a pizza delivery boy to a masseuse that’s a little more touchy-feeling than you expect to an absolutely fabulous makeover guru. Linda’s quest for fun in Las Vegas leads her on an exciting adventure with her friends to pick her up from her doldrums in a show that’s guaranteed to make you smile!