Why smoking is still allowed all over Vegas, money!

Only 19 percent of Americans smoke but We still allow smoking in Casinos killing workers yearly. Not only workers, visitors go home sick as a dog and the reason why is second hand smoke and even third hand smoke. contact the Clark County Commissioners and tell them You will not return until the smoke is gone.
According to Harry Reid, smoking in Casinos is not his problem, He says it is on the local level and that means the Clark County Commissioners, here is how You can contact them:

County Commissioners

District A – Commissioner Steve Sisolak (702) 455-3500 ccdista@ClarkCountyNV.gov
District B – Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick (702) 455-3500 ccdistb@ClarkCountyNV.gov
District C – Commissioner Larry Brown (702) 455-3500 ccdistc@ClarkCountyNV.gov
District D – Commissioner Lawrence Weekly (702) 455-3500 ccdistd@ClarkCountyNV.gov
District E – Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani (702) 455-3500 ccdiste@ClarkCountyNV.gov
District F – Commissioner Susan Brager (702) 455-3500 ccdistf@ClarkCountyNV.gov
District G – Commissioner Mary Beth Scow (702) 455-3500 ccdistg@ClarkCountyNV.gov

Las Vegas and Clark County have not banned smoking because They are afraid revenue will decline. So They are putting money in front of Your health. Casino workers have died that otherwise would still be living if They had not been exposed to Second Hand Smoke.
Other parts of the World including locations in America have banned smoking. The City of New Orleans made a City-wide ban on smoking and revenue at the Casino did decline but bounced back months later. The Las Vegas and Clark County Casinos would definitely take a decline immediately following a ban but would surely bounce back as others have. The reason They would bounce back is The VAST majority of the population does not smoke and hate being around second-hand smoke. In time as the word gets out that You can breath fresh air in the Casinos People will come back in bigger numbers.

New evidence that Third-hand smoke is also dangerous
The topic is new so there isn’t near as much research to quote but on the surface, it seems to make sense. A smoker is touching EVERYTHING all over Vegas. The elevator button, the remote control in Your room, the slot machine button or handle, the door handles, the carpet, the bedspread and just about Everything that has not been wiped off with a bleach mixture. The chemicals that are left behind by a smoker are too long to list but it is a very gross list. Once You come in contact with it You might as well be smoking Yourself. Even if smoking was banned in all Casinos it would take replacing all the carpet and repaint the walls and ceilings to even start to get rid of it.

Legalized recreational marijuana arrives in Las Vegas January 1, 2017 what it means in the Casinos

Marijuana dispensary located just two blocks from the Las Vegas Strip
Marijuana dispensary located just two blocks from the Las Vegas Strip

Legalized recreational marijuana went into effect on January 1, 2017 in Las Vegas. So You are picturing Yourself smoking a blunt next to the cigarette smokers at the slot machines? Pot smokers are going to be disappointed to find out that NO, You absolutely cannot smoke Marijuana on ANY Casino property in Las Vegas or Clark County. Clark County or Paradise is where the Las Vegas Strip is, Downtown is in the City of Las Vegas but both locations will not allow Marijuana use. The only way this could change is if the Federal Government legalizes Marijuana because the Gaming board goes by Federal Law NOT State law. And the State law that allows You to smoke Marijuana also says You cannot smoke pot anywhere in public.

The new Law that went in to effect on January 1, 2017 could actually make it harder for You to smoke Pot in and around Las Vegas. Before the law change there was No focus on it and plenty of People were smoking it walking down the Street. When the law changed ┬áplenty of People think They can smoke it in their hotel room, on the street and in the Casino so the Casino properties will have to put plenty of signs up letting You know that is not the case. Not only can You NOT smoke pot in Your room even if it is a smoking room, You also cannot indulge in edible Marijuana. Of course the chance of getting caught with edible marijuana is slim so if You decide to do it You shouldn’t leave it laying out in public view. The law says You cannot smoke Marijuana in public PERIOD.

So where can You smoke Marijuana legally in Vegas after January 1, 2017? At a non casino property that allows it. The problem is most non casino properties are NON smoking so They are not likely to change Their policy to accept Marijuana smoking. But these non Casino properties are not likely to have a problem with You smoking pot outside. How about outside on the strip? Yes and No. It would not be a good idea to light up when You are at the Linq Promenade even though You might get away with it. Since it is owned by Caesars Entertainment they are bound by Federal Law not state law because of the Gaming license. The gaming license is the most important thing to any Casino property, without it they are out of business so they are not going to get in trouble because of one Hippie wanting to get high on their property. You likely will be able to walk down the sidewalk in front of the Casinos and not have problems but not if You sit down and pull out a bong.

All in All, it is most likely just going to be a huge headache for the Casino properties and a huge disappointment to the stoners.

UPDATE The People walking the sidewalks and off roads near the Strip are still smoking Pot on a regular basis. It seems like the Police are not going to waste their time issuing a Citation. That does not mean They wont but if You are otherwise doing nothing offensive, They Probably are not looking for You.

Las Vegas NOT running entirely on renewable Energy

Talk about FAKE news there were articles going around in the last week stating that Las Vegas was running 100 percent off of renewable energy. Since I live in Las Vegas it really confused Me. One of the sites that post an article was Popular Mechanics, which is usually accurate, or so I thought. In a City that uses much more electricity that most Cities the same size, I started trying to figure out what these articles mean. I noticed that many street lights are solar powered so did They mean that all of Las Vegas Street lights are run on renewable energy?

Then I saw an article written by Forbes that cleared up the mystery. Read the full article here.

Turns out that what was meant was the Las Vegas City Government was now running 100 percent off renewable energy after installing enough solar panels to power all the City Buildings and Street light. This is very impressive but it has nothing to do with all the Casino lights and huge energy usage.

Taco Bell Cantina, Las Vegas Strip

What is a Taco Bell Cantina, just an overpriced Taco Bell. But it is actually more than that, yes, it is the exact same food but the Restaurant is pretty damn spectacular. Will People pay more for the nice surroundings? Yes, They will and don’t forget this store is on the Las Vegas Strip which is some of the most expensive real estate in America. You will notice a glass wall where You can watch the “Chef” prepare Your food and at the Soda Machines They have wood levers to look like beer spouts. There is a nice eating area out front that is heated during the cold months and provides great People watching.

Even though the prices are higher than a regular Taco Bell, it is still a great value, for instance, a bean burrito is 1.99 instead of 1.39. They are not jacking the price up anymore than McDonalds or other Chains that still have stores on the Las Vegas Strip.

Warning for New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

Between 6pm on December 31, 2016 and 6am Jan 1, 2017 You may not carry a bag, back pack, suitcase, cooler, camera bag, cart or bottle. All bottle sales will end at that time at the carry out stores on the Las Vegas strip. A few months back purses were listed but they are not anymore but it would be a good idea not to bring a large purse that might be considered a “bag”

Need something on Your Vegas trip from Amazon? Here is how to do it:

At the Linq shopping district You will find a drop box for Your Amazon orders. This is better than waiting around Your hotel for a package. You order from Amazon and use the drop box as the shipping address and when it is delivered You will get an alert then go to the box with a code to open it and You have Your package. Much better than waiting around the Hotel for it.

Why an NFL Team would not make it in Vegas according to Arthur Blank

This is exactly what I wrote in an Earlier post. A game at the Las Vegas stadium would definitely be unlike any other in the league, at best the local team would have 50 percent of the fan base. But over time more and more People will adopt this team and even if They do not live in Vegas They would come to a couple games a year. Many NFL teams have part time fans that only make one or two games a year.

Why are escalators all over Vegas routinely shut down?

Nothing is more frustrating than coming upon an Escalator that is not moving. Walking up an escalator is awkward and almost dangerous. So why are they broken so often? Well, They aren’t. All of these escalators are extremely expensive to buy and even more expensive to maintain. If You ever owned a office copier You know that You had to have a maintenance contract otherwise You would go broke fixing it on a per issue basis. Well, these escalators are on that same type of maintenance plan but of course 100s of times more expensive. Every revolution cost a certain amount of money so owners often shut them off to save that maintenance money plus electricity especially in times where not many People are using them. The same with the moving sidewalks that You see at Excalibur, Luxuor, Venetian, Caesars and Bellagio.
And Yes, they actually do break down on occasion and You will see People working on them. But You can also notice one shut down and a little while later it is running again and No One has been there to repair it.

escalators broken in las vegas
escalators always shut down
escalators broken in vegas
broken escalators vegas
escalators broken in vegas

Surprise Oakland wants to keep the Raiders now that they are WINNING

Every Teenage movie has that ugly Girl that Everyone makes fun of but then She lets Her hair down, gets rid of the dorky glasses and revels a smoking hot body that had been covered by outdated clothes. Now Every Popular Boy is fighting to take Her to the prom.
That is what is happening now between Las Vegas and Oakland. Las Vegas wanted the Raiders to come to Sin City when they were butt ugly and Oakland didn’t give a damn, no protesting, no begging UNTIL NOW. Timing could not be worse for Las Vegas which was a pretty sure bet to get the Raiders until they started winning. Shouldn’t Mark Davis tell these fair weather fans to fu#k off? The same ones that will turn on Him if His teams loses three in a row? Even great teams lose in the NFL and the Raiders are going to lose and when they do they would still be welcome in Las Vegas because the reason for having them in Vegas is better than having them in Oakland. Vegas is a party town and would party with any NFL team even if they lose all their games, Oakland could not even fill the stadium until the Raiders were suddenly winning.

Read more in this USA TODAY article