fsu a 3 point favorite over clemson oct 15, 2013

Florida State a solid 3 point favorite over Clemson in Las Vegas Sports Books

fsu a 3 point favorite over clemson oct 15, 2013Florida State is still holding at a 3 point spread over ACC Rival Clemson for the Saturday night contest, October 19, 2013.
The game is the prime time game on ABC at 8pm ET or 5pm Vegas local time. Expect lots of action on this game all over Vegas. Checking lines all over Vegas, this game is holding steady at 3 points. I expected to see some shift to 2.5 at some sports books but all are holding at 3 points. That doesn’t mean it will hold all the way to game time but there is no guarantee if it moves that it will move in the direction of Clemson. Clemson is the 3rd ranked team in the Country and the game is at Clemson. Clemson has played tougher opponents but the Seminoles of FSU are still favored. Common sense would say this one will start to go to 2.5 or 2 by game time but common sense does not set betting lines, the better public does.
The betting public always likes the Seminoles and ranked number 5 with the 3rd highest scoring offense a lot of People like FSU in this one. Until a lot of People decide to be Clemson, the line will stay at 3 points.

fsu favored over clemson in las vegas sports books

Las Vegas Favors Florida State over Clemson in game of the Century

Famous Jameis FSU QB
fsu favored over clemson in las vegas sports books
Las Vegas sports books opened the betting line this week with FSU Favored by 3 over Clemson, even though Clemson is ranked a couple spots higher and even though FSU has not won in death valley since 2001. Betting on sports can be tricky, but very fun. If You are going to be in Vegas this week, be sure to put some money on this game. Just a little or a lot, whatever You are comfortable betting will make Your Saturday night stay in Vegas more exciting. Nothing like rowdy sports books all over Vegas. This game is interesting for many reasons. it is number 3 vs number 5 and number 5 is favored but FSU is favored more often than most teams when it is a close call, the reason is FSU gained national attention as a world beater in the 1980’s and most People know the name and the colors so they like to bet on them. It doesn’t mean they will win it means more People will bet on them so the sports books must set the line that way to even out the bets.