Steve Stevens is the Bookie Killer

Bookie Killer, Money Talks new show on CNBC scenery all over Vegas

Steve Stevens is the Bookie KillerThis show is new on CNBC and definitely worth a look. The reason I like this show is that it is actually filmed all over Vegas. I like shows that use real Vegas Casinos, streets, shopping centers, offices and general scenery. It is fun to watch the background as He drives in His fancy car and think, I was just there this morning or yesterday. And try to figure out what Casino they are in when they do not give you the name or the whole picture. I do encourage You to watch this show but only for the Vegas content. I do not have any affiliation with Steven Stevens and do not have an opinion on His system but I can tell You that the system that I saw on the first show is very similar to Everyone’s system that I have ever gambled with.
In the first episode You got to see how the company got it’s customers but really nothing about how the picks are made. The way they got there customers were by cold calling sports gamblers and talking them into buying their system of picking winners for sports betting, I was left to assume that this company bought list of sports gamblers from a third party.
The method of how Steve Stevens comes up with His picks was a little hazy for Me, it seemed as though the picks are coming from His expertise alone, which is fine if He is really good and all He does is study sports betting. I guess I wanted to see a fancy computer program or a room full of M.I.T. nerds running scenarios but that wasn’t the case. He does have a room full of guys but their purpose was to sell the services of the company not to contribute to the picks. But not only does Steve NOT study and watch games all day, He parties with His clients and has a normal life, complete with a new baby.

In the first episode the method that Steven uses to pick winners didn’t seem very impressive, it was basically double up if you lose and if You lose again triple Your bet or keep adding to Your bet until You win. Every broke gambler in the world uses this system but usually because they have no good picks. Steve lost the first two bets with a big better at 11,000 and 22,000 then asked the better to go to the bank and get 60k to bet again and on that one He won, so He picked one winner out of three and His client went home a winner. But what if that third one didn’t win? On the same show with another pick from Steve an employee of the company took another better to a casino to place a 1000 dollar bet and it also lost. On the episode Steve had one winner and three losers, did he suck us in to watching this series? Maybe, but I am not planning on using His services, I just like the show.

Some People might say, if He is so good, why doesn’t He just bet the games Himself? Just like a stock broker that is really good, the answer is, there is more money telling People how to make money than there is in making money.

Regardless of if You agree with Steve’s methods, the one thing You will see is this guy knows how to make money for His company and this show is going to make Him filthy rich. It might be money from His clients or money from the TV show or both. I do know that I set the DVR to record the season and look forward to the next episode.

March Madness brings plenty of betting to Las Vegas Sports Books

Betting is all over Vegas and there is no time better than March Madness to do so.
The heavy betting was who would win it all. A lot of money was placed on the Florida Gators who are probably the most heavily favored to win in modern times. The bet doesn’t pay well, but that didn’t stop bettors from getting money down early to get an expected payoff later. Individual game bets were at a heavy pace as well as first half and prop bets.

Florida: 3-to-1
Arizona: 6-to-1
Michigan State: 7-to-1
Wichita State: 9-to-1
Louisville: 10-to-1
Michigan: 11-to-1
Duke: 12-to-1
Kansas: 14-to-1
Virginia: 14-to-1
Syracuse: 18-to-1
Villanova: 18-to-1
Wisconsin: 20-to-1
Iowa State: 25-to-1
Kentucky: 30-to-1
UCLA: 35-to-1
Cincinnati: 40-to-1
Connecticut: 40-to-1
Creighton: 40-to-1
San Diego State: 40-to-1
New Mexico: 65-to-1
Ohio State: 75-to-1
Oklahoma State: 75-to-1
Memphis: 85-to-1
North Carolina: 85-to-1
Pittsburgh: 85-to-1
VCU: 85-to-1
Baylor: 100-to-1
Oklahoma: 100-to-1
Gonzaga: 125-to-1
Oregon: 125-to-1
Saint Louis: 125-to-1
Texas: 125-to-1
Iowa: 175-to-1
Providence: 200-to-1
Stanford: 200-to-1
Tennessee: 200-to-1
BYU: 250-to-1
Colorado: 250-to-1
Kansas State: 250-to-1
Xavier: 275-to-1
Arizona State: 300-to-1
North Carolina State: 400-to-1
New Mexico State: 500-to-1
Field: 50-to-1

fsu is favored to win another championship in the 2014 season

Florida State Seminoles heavily favored over Rival Miami Hurricanes, November 2, 2013

fsu 22 point favorite over miami

Florida State Seminoles are heavily favored over their Rival, The Miami Hurricanes, who play at 8pm ET November 2, 2013.

The Las Vegas line is 22 points in favor of Florida State. The 7th ranked Miami Hurricanes will play away in Tallahassee, Fl and typically would be within a few points favored or underdog.
The 22 points is a a record number of points given when both teams are in the top 10.

It is a clear indication of how the betting public will bet Florida State until they prove them wrong. Florida State has covered almost every line this year but this one is huge. The possibility that these two teams might play again just a few weeks after this game in the ACC championship is reason to doubt the spread. It is very hard for any college team to beat another twice in the same year and if both teams know they might play each other again, the winning team is likely to not show all they have.

las vegas betting line for talladega oct 20, 2013

Talladega NASCAR betting line from Las Vegas has 6 favorites for October 20, 2013

Junior is always a favorite at Talladega
las vegas betting line for talladega oct 20, 2013
Talladega NASCAR betting line from Las Vegas has 6 favorites for October 20, 2013 all six are at 10-1, they are:

  • All of these drivers have had good results at Talladega.

    KASEY KAHNE 15-1


    KURT BUSCH 15-1



    JOEY LOGANO 20-1

    GREG BIFFLE 20-1




    RYAN NEWMAN 30-1





    PAUL MENARD 40-1



    JEFF BURTON 40-1

    DAVID RAGAN 40-1






    CASEY MEARS 100-1

    DAVE BLANEY 200-1

    FIELD 30-1

    fsu a 3 point favorite over clemson oct 15, 2013

    Florida State a solid 3 point favorite over Clemson in Las Vegas Sports Books

    fsu a 3 point favorite over clemson oct 15, 2013Florida State is still holding at a 3 point spread over ACC Rival Clemson for the Saturday night contest, October 19, 2013.
    The game is the prime time game on ABC at 8pm ET or 5pm Vegas local time. Expect lots of action on this game all over Vegas. Checking lines all over Vegas, this game is holding steady at 3 points. I expected to see some shift to 2.5 at some sports books but all are holding at 3 points. That doesn’t mean it will hold all the way to game time but there is no guarantee if it moves that it will move in the direction of Clemson. Clemson is the 3rd ranked team in the Country and the game is at Clemson. Clemson has played tougher opponents but the Seminoles of FSU are still favored. Common sense would say this one will start to go to 2.5 or 2 by game time but common sense does not set betting lines, the better public does.
    The betting public always likes the Seminoles and ranked number 5 with the 3rd highest scoring offense a lot of People like FSU in this one. Until a lot of People decide to be Clemson, the line will stay at 3 points.

    fsu favored over clemson in las vegas sports books

    Las Vegas Favors Florida State over Clemson in game of the Century

    Famous Jameis FSU QB
    fsu favored over clemson in las vegas sports books
    Las Vegas sports books opened the betting line this week with FSU Favored by 3 over Clemson, even though Clemson is ranked a couple spots higher and even though FSU has not won in death valley since 2001. Betting on sports can be tricky, but very fun. If You are going to be in Vegas this week, be sure to put some money on this game. Just a little or a lot, whatever You are comfortable betting will make Your Saturday night stay in Vegas more exciting. Nothing like rowdy sports books all over Vegas. This game is interesting for many reasons. it is number 3 vs number 5 and number 5 is favored but FSU is favored more often than most teams when it is a close call, the reason is FSU gained national attention as a world beater in the 1980’s and most People know the name and the colors so they like to bet on them. It doesn’t mean they will win it means more People will bet on them so the sports books must set the line that way to even out the bets.