Gay couples are filling out applications for marriage licenses now in Las Vegas

Gay Marriage is on in Las Vegas

Gay couples are filling out applications for marriage licenses now in Las VegasAn onslaught of gay marriage licenses are expected to be accepted immediately in Las Vegas, as well as other parts of Nevada. The Supreme Court will not get involved in upholding the ban on same sex marriages in Nevada. It is unclear when exactly the first wedding can legally take place but it is most likely by the end of October. The license applications have already been accepted Today, October 8, 2014.

Not all wedding chapels are eager to marry same sex couples. Contrary to popular belief not every business in Vegas will make a buck anyway they can. Seems that a few Chapels want nothing to do with marrying same sex couples.

Who is She?

Gay Marriage might be legal in Las Vegas by the end of 2014

Who is She?
Gays like Ellen Page could be married in Las Vegas sooner than expected
Gay Marriage in Las Vegas might be legal as early as late 2014 if all goes well. The voters were going to see the issue on the ballet in 2016 but the supreme court will hear the case in September of 2014 and could rule on it without voter input. America is now up to 19 states with legal gay marriage plus the District of Columbia. Las Vegas is losing millions monthly waiting for the Gay Marriage ban to be abolished. Gay’s still visit Las Vegas often and spend more than non gays. Las Vegas is focusing much of the new night club markets toward the gay lifestyle proving that Vegas does want Gay money.

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Liaison will be the first official Gay Bar at a Las Vegas Strip Casino, Summer 2014

liaison gay nightclubLocated at Bally’s, the 7,000 square foot Liaison will take over the space currently occupied by After Hours nightclub, which is moving to its original home at The Cromwell. The word OFFICIAL GAY BAR is just a term to make it first, there are plenty of gay bars on the Las Vegas Strip but none that admit it. If You believe that Gays are just now coming to the Las Vegas Strip, then You believe that Michael Sam is the first gay NFL football player. Bars all over Vegas are more gay than straight on any given night. Most clubs have a gay night, either by word of mouth or scheduled. Las Vegas is accepting more gay entertainment to the extent that soon it will be a novelty to find a straight bar.

why is gay marriage not legal in las vegas

Gay Marriage not legal in Las Vegas, Why Not?

why is gay marriage not legal in las vegas

Sixteen states and the District of Columbia now grant same-sex marriages. Why isn’t there a bigger stink in Nevada, especially Las Vegas for not making gay marriage legal here? Las Vegas is losing a fortune due to the backward thinking of the state of Nevada. Same sex marriage will be legal in every state in America in a matter of time, possibly 10 years and maybe in the world just a little longer than that. At least 30 percent of the American population that was strongly against gay marriage are now neutral or for it. The ones that are neutral on the issue likely will not vote at all and that alone would swing the vote to approve gay marriage.

The LGBT is certainly thought of as one of the most powerful group of People in America but seems to be lacking organization. The use of boycotts and other pressure may need to be applied but if nothing else the City of Las Vegas should be spending every extra dime in its lobbying budget to push this to a vote immediately. As it stands now the vote will not go before the People of Nevada until 2016, that’s billions of dollars lost to California and other nearby states that have approved or will approve gay marriage before 2016.

edna passes int he senate

ENDA Vote in Senate victory for Gay workers in Las Vegas

Senators, Jeff Markley & Tammy Baldwin
edna passes int he senateThe ENDA, employment non discrimination act has passed the senate and is headed for the House for approval. If it gets approved there, it will become law and be a big benefit to thousands of Gays that work in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is said to have the highest percentage of gay workers in America. But isn’t it ironic that it cannot be proven because it is not legal to keep such records. Something Gay workers in Vegas would be proud to be able to say, they cannot because at this point it is just a guess. The Act got much of its wings from Las Vegas, since much of the complaints were said to come from gay workers in Las Vegas being differently or being passed over for promotions or even fired for their sexual preferences.

las vegas gay club krave massive is closed for now

Gay Club Krave Massive Closed in Downtown Las Vegas

las vegas gay club krave massive is closed for now
Gay Club Krave Massive is Closed in Downtown Las Vegas by state yanking liquor licenses for the Largest Gay Bar in the world. Reports were that Krave Massive owed more than 700,000 in state taxes. The Drink and Drag Lounge owned by Krave is also shut down. Drink and Drag is a drag queen bowling experience, a one of a kind gaming lounge.

According to KVVU-TV, the properties went out of business after the city yanked their liquor permits. Without liquor licenses there is no revenue stream for any of the businesses except the gift shop but No One will come to shop without the clubs being open.

Neonopolis retail shopping center is where Krave is located and occupies more than a 1/3 of the retail space will be hurt badly if the Gay Club does not reopen. It is likely that Neonopolis could have rented the space to much more reliable tenants but got greedy to be able to rent 1/3 all at once.

The Owner of the Gay Club said they will reopen but it is a tough financial hill to climb.

jan jones supports gay bill

Former Mayor of Las Vegas, Jan Jones supports Gay Non-Discrimination Act

jan jones supports gay bill



The “other” Mayor, Jan Jones was Mayor of Las Vegas from 1991 to 1999. She recently make a statement that She was in support of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), federal legislation that would protect hardworking gay and transgender employees from discrimination in the workplace based on nothing more than their sexual orientation or gender identity. Jones was the Mayor prior to the most popular mayor of all time, Oscar Goodman and after Mayor Ron Lurie (also not remembered). Jones, a democrat made the statement that came as no surprise in an article She authored in the Las Vegas Sun. Does it mean She is going to attempt to re-enter politics? She ran and lost an attempt to be Governor of Nevada twice. Could this be back to Mayor? The democratic thing to do with those that are politically inspired is to support gay rights on any and all issues. It doesn’t matter if the idea makes any sense or not, the gay community is one of the strongest voices in most states today.

first openly gay man losses to straight man

Orlando Cruz losses fight in Las Vegas, fails to become first openly gay champion

Orlando Cruz losses fight in Las Vegas, fails to become first openly gay champion, but His efforts will go far beyond this boxing match. Millions of gays that are still in denial will take one small step forward to be open in their gay choice. 10 years from now when there is no mention of a gay boxers gay lifestyle, They can thank Orlando Cruz. But there was another Orlando in this fight, the one that Everyone forgot about, Orlando Salido, the one that won the fight.
first openly gay man losses to straight man Salido didn’t really want to get caught up in the gay headlines, He would prefer the talk be about boxing but He knew it wouldn’t be. Salido just wanted a chance to win a second world title.

Salido was the heavier puncher in the October 12 fight, eventually breaking down Cruz for a seventh-round TKO to win a vacant featherweight title at the Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas.
Salido got caught up in something that was bigger than boxing, but one day He will realize that His name will be forever attached to something very special to the gay community.
Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, Actors, Senators, Mayors, Justin Beiber and many others that struggle with choices can thank Orlando Cruz for His bravery.

gay orlando cruz in vegas

Las Vegas Fight for the first openly Gay Boxing Champion

Las Vegas Fight for the first openly Gay Boxing Champion will come true if Orlando Cruz can come out victorious, Saturday, October 12, 2013. He must beat Orlando Salido, a Mexican fighter. What are the chances that two Orlando’s would fight for a title?
gay orlando cruz in vegas

HBO boxing commentator Jim Lampley called Cruz “a hero of mine” during an interview with while speaking about Griffiith. Lampley’s support for Cruz surfaced in the wake of the boxer’s having announced his engagement to his partner, Jose Manuel.
Lampley revealed that his older half-brother, Fred Trickey, “came out of the closet at the age of 14 in 1959.” Trickey, whom Lampley called “one of the bravest people I’ve ever met” died four years ago from an HIV-related illness at age 65.

The Puerto Rican professional boxer started His boxing career in the year 2000 and is only 5’4″ and 127 lbs.

new name for qvegas business alliance is gay and lsebian chamber of comerce of nevada

Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce of Nevada is the new name of QVegas Business Alliance

new name for qvegas business alliance is gay and lsebian chamber of comerce of nevada It was a ridiculous name that was as stupid as the United Negro College fund or many more outdated terms used for different groups of People, I didn’t use the word minority because how can anyone really be sure that gay People are a minority, many lie about it all the way to the grave.
QVegas Business Alliance was a stupid name that was not well thought out or it was made so long ago and there was no movement to change it, which in itself is a shock. But even today there is a well up to date website that is called We know the Q doesn’t mean quality, it is a gay website and the Q definitely means queer, a word that 90 percent of Gay and Lesbians find offensive. But even in modern times, why is there still the term lesbian used? Isn’t that also offensive? Isn’t a gay female a lesbian? Could We just say gay? A man can be gay and so can a woman so why two terms? Just a thought.