Buskers have more rights than minority business owners in downtown Las Vegas

Recent killings by this former downtown busker has many alarmed.
Recent killings by this former downtown busker has many alarmed.
Buskers, bums, street performers, artist, beggars, sex offenders or even murderers. Any of these terms can be slang or even the legal definitions of the People that are allowed to ask You for a “donation” to get Your picture taken with them in Las Vegas. The recent killings of two metro police officers by a nut job and former street performer in downtown Las Vegas shed light on the issue. It also uncovered the fact that many of these entertainers had sketchy backgrounds.

When the City of Las Vegas recently cracked down on alcohol consumption and used “public safety” as their reason it brought into question the regulations that should be put on these street performers.

Street performers are allowed to be sex offenders, rapist, drug addicts, wife beaters, child abusers or even terrorist. We would never know because there is no background check being used. There is no permit needed, not even a registration. No pictures taken, the street performer can hide His/Her face the entire time they are begging for donations. Most of what You see are in costume, so all You can tell police if You have a problem is that sponge bob or superman attacked You. This is all because the City of Las Vegas is afraid of the ACLU. These People are protected by free speech and since they are not charging for a service they do not need a permit. They of course are asking for donations, try to get Your picture with sponge bob without giving him money and see how that works out.

But the City is not afraid of the minority owned package stores. They are easy prey for the big bad City of Las Vegas. They are not allowed to sell alcohol and have it consumed under the canopy. They are not even allowed to advertise the price of their alcohol at their store front.

A convicted Sex offender can dress up in a batman costume and have His arms around Your Child then expect You to tip him for a picture but the package store cannot put a sign out that says 99 cent miller lite. Free speech? Works for sex offenders but not for law abiding business owners?