100x Craps at Casino Royale

If You have never played craps before I suggest You learn on the new machines before trying a live table. Once You know how to play and want to try a live table a great place to do so is Casino Royale, for many reasons. One reason is they offer 100x odds which probably means very little to most People, in fact if You can find even 5x it should be good enough. What does 100x mean? For example if You bet 5 dollars on the pass line and a 6 or 8 comes out You can back up Your 5 dollars with 500 dollars, yes, 500 dollars to win 600 in back of Your little 5 dollar bet. Crazy? Yes, if You are only willing to bet 50 dollars You really do not need 100x odds, You could do well with 10x but if You are a big craps player, the 100x is a great deal and allows You to have house odds on the majority of Your money the entire time You play the game. You can do so on the come bet and You could keep 5 dollars on the come line until You fill the table with all the numbers to take full advantage but rarely do I see that happen in this Casino. In fact, You are pretty much a big shot if You play more than 25 dollars a roll in this Casino, that’s what I like about it. You can also buy 1.00 dollar michelob and michelob light at the bar at Casino Royale in the bottle or get a free one but in draft at the table while You play.

100x craps at casino royale

What else is so good about this Casino? It is the last of the little casinos all over Vegas (except downtown) and You will experience the fun that others used to have. You can get as loud as You like in this little Casino and the only thing that will happen is People will want to jam in to play with You. It is also a great location sandwiched between Harrah’s and the Venetian and across the street from the Mirage.