do not go to vegas on new years eve

What to do on New Years Eve in Las Vegas, stay home!

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New Years Eve all over Vegas
What to do on New Years Eve in Las Vegas, stay home! Really? What kind of Vegas website would tell People to stay home? The good thing about a Vegas Website is, it doesn’t make very much money, that’s good because I do not have to test myself to tell a lie in order to make money. I personally hate Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve. It is very overpriced, over crowded and even dangerous. Do Yourself a favor and go to Vegas any other time but if You have to go around that time, then go days before or days after for 10 percent of the price and 90 percent more fun. Are the fireworks pretty?  sure, but they are pretty all across America for a lot less money. Las Vegas blvd is closed to traffic and crowds are allow to walk down the street, drunk, very drunk. And believe it or not, Children are Everywhere, even in the Casinos. The slot machines are unplayable because People are sitting there and not playing and No One does anything about it. You can barely move in the Casinos and the smoke is 10 times as bad as usual. fights are breaking out because People are getting their once per year drunk on. Dining prices are jacked up 3 times normal. If You want a 25 dollar room for 300 dollars, then go New Years Eve. If You want to have a great time all over Vegas for a lot less money, go another day. I had to warn You, take my advice of don’t, its your choice. Many websites are boasting New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas but if You can get any of those People that write the articles off the record, they will tell You were they will be on New Year’s Eve, “As far away from Las Vegas as possible”.

do not go to vegas on new years eve