palazzo nightclub closed for now

The Act Nightclub Palazzo Las Vegas CLOSED! for now

palazzo nightclub closed for now
The Act Nightclub at the Palazzo is closed for now, no word of when it will reopen if at all. The club is in a legal battle with the landlord, Las Vegas Sands (owner of Palazzo) over what is said to be vulgar and perverted sex acts performed on stage. The struggle between The Act management and Palazzo has been going on since the club opened one year ago. The Act management said it is completely in its rights to put on the type of shows it is putting on and they are totally legal and conforming to to their lease. LVS says the opposite and a Judge had already ordered the club to tone it down or be shut down, evidently the Judge ruled in LVS favor after another perverted sex act was performed Saturday, October 12, 2013. Some patrons called the Landlord an old fuddy duddy and said LVS should let the public decide to patronize the club or not. The club seems to have a good crowd and only a few People have left after being offended by the steamy sex shows according to the Act management. One couple said they got their money back without any problem when they did not like the show.