first time ever the TI show will close

Sirens of TI will close October 21 – Christmas Day 2013

With Walgreens across the street from Treasure Island, one would wonder, how is CVS going to put a store in to compete. Years after Walgreens moved in, CVS is finally getting its chance. CVS will open a 12,000 square foot store at the corner of Spring Mountain and Las Vegas Blvd. The Construction will close the free Sirens of TI show for a brief time.
With the construction, as well as annual maintenance, the free nightly Sirens of TI show will be closed Oct. 21 through Dec. 25. Normal hours for the show will resume December 26, 2013
first time ever the TI show will close

The adult show that is performed for all ages will close for the first time to allow construction of CVS