Rehab Dayclub Pool Party Hard Rock Las Vegas

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Rehab Dayclub Pool Party Hard Rock Las Vegas

las vegas pool party day club rehab party at the hard rock as seen on tv

It’s the one that started all the others, Rehab, Party at the Hard Rock. This was the subject of a reality show that is no longer on TV, not because it got cancelled but because the parent company of the hotel thought it was giving the public an impression that Hard Rock was a party place. Really? I always thought of the Hard Rock as an Old folks home, right? Anyway, that’s pretty stupid, but what isn’t stupid is getting the V-Card VIP Club pass so You do not have to stand in line and pay admission to this pool party. Other wise You can buy Vegas Clubs here. Rehab is still going strong and still a big name party place, it’s just no longer on TV. If You want to go to the one that started it all, this is it! Best celebrity DJ’s and best party.