penn jillette to make a horror movie with crowd funding

Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller has new venture idea

penn jillette to make a horror movie with crowd funding
He wants to be a bad guy in a horror movie. He is the writer but He also wants to be the star as a bad Guy.
He will be using crowd funding to finance the movie to raise one million dollars. Crowd funding is popular these days and investors can ask for a role in the movie or credits or a number of strange things.
One of the things that Penn is willing to give up to raise money is His pony tail. TMZ, Harvey Levin might be a buyer of the pony tail and cut it off on TMZ. The cutting of the Ponytail is only going to cost 25,000 dollars. The ponytail has been on Penn Jillette for all of His performing career. The other things that could go cheap would be a role as an extra, a role as a corpse, a speaking role or even a full blown co-starring role, all depending on how much money You would like to invest. The movie will not change His role in the Illusions show at the Rio.
He has already done two moves that have been in the sundance movie festival.