Panda, Palazzo, Center Strip, Las Vegas

4.5 / 5 stars      

Panda, Palazzo, Center Strip, Las Vegas

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Panda displays strength, flexibility, endurance, athleticism, precise balancing and extreme leaping, sounds just like Cirque du Soleil, doesn’t it? It looks like it too, only parts of it are different from that. But why not, the most popular shows in the world right now are Cirque shows so why not do what they do? It is listed in some reviews as a musical but I am not sure if that is right either but where it falls isn’t important only that You enjoy it and You will. This is one of the hottest shows on the Las Vegas Strip and it is showing at a really great venue. I think You will find the Palazzo theater very comfortable and fitting for such a grand show. The show has lots of Chinese decorations and costumes which are always popular because of the bright colors and designs. This is a show that will require You to stand in line to buy tickets if you do not get them in advance.