Why an NFL Team would not make it in Vegas according to Arthur Blank

This is exactly what I wrote in an Earlier post. A game at the Las Vegas stadium would definitely be unlike any other in the league, at best the local team would have 50 percent of the fan base. But over time more and more People will adopt this team and even if They do not live in Vegas They would come to a couple games a year. Many NFL teams have part time fans that only make one or two games a year.

Why are escalators all over Vegas routinely shut down?

Nothing is more frustrating than coming upon an Escalator that is not moving. Walking up an escalator is awkward and almost dangerous. So why are they broken so often? Well, They aren’t. All of these escalators are extremely expensive to buy and even more expensive to maintain. If You ever owned a office copier You know that You had to have a maintenance contract otherwise You would go broke fixing it on a per issue basis. Well, these escalators are on that same type of maintenance plan but of course 100s of times more expensive. Every revolution cost a certain amount of money so owners often shut them off to save that maintenance money plus electricity especially in times where not many People are using them. The same with the moving sidewalks that You see at Excalibur, Luxuor, Venetian, Caesars and Bellagio.
And Yes, they actually do break down on occasion and You will see People working on them. But You can also notice one shut down and a little while later it is running again and No One has been there to repair it.

escalators broken in las vegas
escalators always shut down
escalators broken in vegas
broken escalators vegas
escalators broken in vegas

Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV Tickets

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Surprise Oakland wants to keep the Raiders now that they are WINNING

Every Teenage movie has that ugly Girl that Everyone makes fun of but then She lets Her hair down, gets rid of the dorky glasses and revels a smoking hot body that had been covered by outdated clothes. Now Every Popular Boy is fighting to take Her to the prom.
That is what is happening now between Las Vegas and Oakland. Las Vegas wanted the Raiders to come to Sin City when they were butt ugly and Oakland didn’t give a damn, no protesting, no begging UNTIL NOW. Timing could not be worse for Las Vegas which was a pretty sure bet to get the Raiders until they started winning. Shouldn’t Mark Davis tell these fair weather fans to fu#k off? The same ones that will turn on Him if His teams loses three in a row? Even great teams lose in the NFL and the Raiders are going to lose and when they do they would still be welcome in Las Vegas because the reason for having them in Vegas is better than having them in Oakland. Vegas is a party town and would party with any NFL team even if they lose all their games, Oakland could not even fill the stadium until the Raiders were suddenly winning.

Read more in this USA TODAY article

Why Vote to Legalize Pot in Nevada? It’s been legal here for decades!

Las Vegas is the most passive City in the World, You can smoke pot on Las Vegas Blvd and Nothing will happen, pull Your pants down, nothing will happen, smoke a Cigar in the Miracle Mile Shops and No One will say a word. To think that a law needs to be passed to allow People to smoke pot is crazy, they have been doing it for years whenever and wherever they want.

The Cops in Las Vegas are fighting murders and domestic disputes, they do not have time to stop People for smoking Pot. Everyday I go to the Las Vegas strip I smell Pot being smoked, normally feet away from Me.

No One is being stopped for not yielding to Pedestrians in the cross walks, even though there are plenty of hit and runs in Vegas. The Police are so under staffed they rarely have time to arrest Anyone that isn’t shooting a gun.

Thousands Stranded when Paris Hotel Las Vegas has power outage

Update: Paris Hotel and Casino reopened in the early morning of November 4, 2016 so it was only one day without power or about 20 hours.

Frustrated Visitors line up at Ballys to get a new room without their luggage
Frustrated Visitors line up at Ballys to get a new room without their luggage

Bally’s Las Vegas Lobby was very full on November 3, 2016 of People that were checked in at Paris Las Vegas. But most were turned away because Bally’s had no rooms. Why? Well, the biggest Convention of the Year was in town, the After Market Car parts show.

So what happened?

Around 9:30 AM on November 3, 2016 the power went out in the Paris Hotel and Casino, not just the Hotel or the Casino but both and not at either neighboring Hotels so it seemed very strange and had all guest wondering if this was a target to only the Paris Hotel maybe by Cyber forces and why could they not correct it immediately?

So how bad was it for the guest

Guest were not allowed in Their room once the power was off, only medical emergencies were the exception. Some  needed medication from their room and security escorted them by flashlight to get that medication and did not allow them to get all their belongings.

Some People that were due to check out on Thursday Morning but left their room were stuck outside without being able to return for their belongings. Then They had to change Their flights which left them in a position of Change fees but Caesars (parent company) said they would cover.

What is the big deal, just put them in Caesars owned properties, right?

Not that simple, the After Market Auto Show is in Vegas this week and EVERY room is occupied except for of course the horrible rooms off the strip that go for 20 dollars on a normal week but this week are going for 300.00

What Hotels would be available on this crowded Week?

Maybe Motel 6 or America’s Best Value Inn, both of which Nobody wants to stay at when they have a reservation at Paris. Paris and Bally’s Employees were busy calling all Hotels nearby including MGM owned Properties. But considering there were almost 3000 rooms occupied at Paris plenty are not going to get a good room.

Who will Pay for this mess?

There is no indication as of now what caused the power outage, it might be the fault of the power provider, which might be Nevada Power or it might be a new provider. Plenty of Casinos are now getting away from Nevada Power and using cheaper providers, We do not know who Paris is using. In any case typically the Hotel will have to suck up the extra charges for the Customer. Since They only have the clothes on their backs it is most likely they will be given money for a few garments. The guest that had to change their flights will be reimbursed change fees on a case by case basis.

Las Vegas Residents delusional about NFL Football Stadium

I keep reading articles and watching local Vegas Tv reporting on the possible new stadium that would be home to the Las Vegas Raiders. In this reporting many People bring up the fact that Las Vegans are not rich enough to afford the outrageous ticket prices that NFL teams charge, much less have money left over for a couple 12 dollars beers and a 8 dollar hot dog. That part I agree with but the point is there are some People that live above the “Service Wages” that Las Vegas pays, those People might make up 5000 per game and of course that is not near enough to make this successful, but so what that is not the People that will be coming to these games but only if the stadium is located on the Las Vegas strip. If it is located on Russell Road on the other side of I-15 it will be a a total waste of money for the tax payers, regardless where the money really comes from.

The Las Vegas Raiders will sellout every game if the Stadium is located on the Las Vegas Strip but not with Raiders fans but with fans of the team that the raiders are playing and that is great for Las Vegas because each Person will be spending at least 1000 – 3000 dollars while here. Yes, some will be flying in from nearby and could actually be Raiders fans but for argument sake most will be for the other team. Imagine Your team is Cleveland, wouldn’t You pick the second game to attend be in Las Vegas? Wouldn’t You spend at least three days here? But You would only do so if the game offered a party atmosphere right up to game time and that can only happen if it is walkable from any Hotel/Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

But not to worry Las Vegas Residents, this is not an insult to You, maybe You go to one game every year or every two years but You could party with the fans prior to any game and never pay the admission charge and the pregame is more fun anyway. Party prior then walk over to a sports book and watch the game for free then party more when the game is over, cheap day out in Las Vegas. Let the Visitors pay for the Stadium, let them pay for 12 dollar beers.

If the Stadium gets built NOT on the Strip I will know it is corruption. Either from the owner of the property that is not on the strip or from the taxi companies that will rake up on game day. If the Stadium is on the strip the whole experience would be better and probably the best in the whole NFL, Everyone will be talking about it. But if it is located off the strip in one of our dangerous ghettos, We will be the laughing stock of the NFL and We do not have enough police officers to protect these valuable Visitors.

If the Stadium is built in walking distance to the Strip very little will be changed to make this happen, People will fly in and stay at a Strip hotel and either walk to the stadium or take the Monorail or tram, nothing extra needs to be built. If it is off strip it is a whole new problem with game day traffic and drunk drivers. People are going to get tore up drunk for the game, its Vegas, make it where they will never need to drive. Taxis and Uber would not be the answer, People would still drive themselves if they cannot walk. Drunk drivers in Las Vegas is a big big problem because We also have drunk walkers, that is a deadly combo. Imagine the pub crawl that could mean millions to all the bars up and down the Las Vegas Strip if the stadium is at one end or the other. Not only is there the monorail there is also the tram that will take People from Bellagio to a walkway to Monte Carlo, then You have another tram at Excalibur to get You to Mandalay Bay, have a drink at each stop. But if the Stadium is in the ghetto on the other side of I-15, what a buzz kill looking for how to get there and no drinking right up to game time.

The Big Deception: Las Vegas Resort Fees

Yes, there are other Cities charging resort fees but Las Vegas was the first to do so on an almost all of their hotel inventory. There are still a few Hotels but no resorts that do not charge a Resort Fee. At first it was the MGM properties that put this bogus charge on all their properties and Caesar’s properties (listed at bottom) took the high road and constantly reminded Us that they did not charge a Resort fee. Charging this hidden fee could be called false advertising, dishonest business practice or at the very least deceptive.

Find all the Resort Fees here

It makes truly comparing hotels all over Vegas much more difficult, You must have the resort fee page open in one window and searching hotel prices in another. Right now No Site is adding the price of the hotel and the resort fee together because They would then look like They are much higher than anyone else. For instance if You check the the Resort Fees list You will see that at the time of this writing Hard Rock Hotel is listed at 28 dollars plus tax (31.36) but they are running a special for as low as 19.95 per night Sunday Thru Thursday which sounds pretty appealing to say the least but the reality is the real price is 19.95 +28.00 +12 percent = 53.70 which is still a good price but very deceptive. When You see that 19.95 You are very excited and make Your plans and by the time You learn the truth You have already pictured Yourself surrounded by second hand smoke in front of a slot machine. All Hotel sites have the tools to add this 28.00 to the 19.95 but they do not because if You see it added at one site and not at another, You will bite on the one that has left it out so it would not be fair for ONE site to be honest.

The deception is coming from the Hotels not the booking sites. The resort fee deception helps the hotels in a number of ways.

  • It makes the price of the room look much less than it really is.
  • They only pay the booking site a percentage of the Room price not the Resort Fee.
  • This automatically forces the Customer to pay for all the things that used be offered separately.

What does the Resort fee include: Most Hotels all over Vegas include an internet connection for up to two devices, access to the fitness room, local phone calls and some will thrown in a couple bottled waters, use of a safe and trivial other items. But only a small percentage of People use the fitness center since walking all over Vegas takes care of that by itself. Most People would buy the internet connection but that should be around 10.00 per night so all the Hotels charging more than 10.00 are making up huge extra profit by using this deceptive practice.

Las Vegas Hotels were hesitant to add on the Resort fees until MGM Properties (listed at bottom) totally got away with it. People Were comparing the price of The MGM Grand to Planet Hollywood and choosing MGM Grand because they were not adding the resort fee to the MGM Grand Price when Planet Hollywood was not charging any Resort fees. After Caesar’s found that MGM was not getting all that much negative publicity for this deception they decided to start charging Resort fees also. Now others have joined in and it would be easier to say Who isn’t charging resort fees than Who is. The ones that are not are more like Motels not Hotels and You most likely would never stay at one.

Like it or not the search for hotels all over Vegas is a two step process, always find the resort fee FIRST Find all the Resort Fees here, Then search however You normally do for the Hotel.

A similar new expense is coming all over Vegas: PARKING. Right now MGM properties are charging for self parking (except Circus for now) but Caesars properties are not, watch for that to change if MGM gets away with it. Right now if You need to park just avoid all the MGM Properties.

MGM Properties:
Bellagio, Mirage, Aria, MGM, New York New York, Monte Carlo, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay and Circus Circus.

Caesar’s properties:
Ballys, Paris, Planet Hollywood, Cromwell, Flamingo, Harrahs, Linq and Rio

Beware of Sports Betting Sites guaranteeing to make You money

update: this has been the worst betting year of my life for football NFL or NCAA and NO ONE is doing better than Me that has bet more than 100 games. Any handicapper saying they are making money is a Liar.

I have used a half dozen or so sports handicappers in the last 15 years, some are honest and most are not. The easiest thing to remember is if they do not post their picks from the day before with results then they are dishonest. If You see the term #$$$REDHOT LAST 9 GAMES 8-1 ATS$$ Do not buy from this site because Anyone that is 8-1 is due to be 1-8 and You are going to be buying 1-8 picks. If You notice this same site will claim similar numbers all the time, never do you see them admit they lost the last 6 of 7.

One of my favorite shows ever was “Money Talks” on CNBC, this the same station that airs “The profit” so it is a legitimate station and would make a believable show. The show only made it one year but Steve Stevens said He was going to be on Esquire a couple years later, that never happened. I think the CNBC show did well enough to get a second season but it is possible that the negative press from People that dealt with Steve Stevens caused CNBC to back off. I never bought picks from VIP Sports which is the name of the company that the show was based on, the reason I did not is their pricing was confusing. They have “action picks” and “vip picks” and “owner picks” each costing more and more. Why would I buy an action pick? does that mean it is a crappy pick? so when I lose, they will tell Me, should have bought the “VIP” pick. In one episode, Money Talks had a big gambler come to Vegas and Steve Stevens gave Him a bet that lost then told him to double up and that bet lost then He tripled up and won, pretty much Anyone could do this but sometimes You lose the third one and You are really screwed.

A smart bettor always plays the same amount every game, through the long haul this is always the best way to come out on top or lose very little. Casinos love for People to double up and triple up, that is how they have the huge advantage. Remember Casinos have very little advantage in sports betting, that is why You get very little comps in the sports books, they count on You using bad management skills.

I once ask a sports handicapper to give Me the link where past picks could be found, He told Me He could email them to Me, really? Unless You can find them on that handicapper’s website, there is very much room to lie. The reason honest People post past picks is so the People that bought picks can check to be sure those are the picks they bought. It is then self policing. I once bought picks from “Professor picks” and they did not list the losers that I bought the day before so I posted on Twitter that they were liars so they blocked Me from their twitter feed. There are so many ways to fraud the public but the true way to be at least a little bit sure is if they list their picks on their site after the game is over. The picks should be by date, You will see that Professor Picks puts a list on their site to make it confusing to check but they never fail to list one that they win.

Never Ever use offshore betting sites, they all have withdraw systems that make it impossible to win. Plus they are illegal and You have No One to help You when You get ripped off. Use legit sports books in Vegas, Bahamas, Atlantic City, London, etc, only brick and mortar Sports Books.

Sports Insights This is very honest site that gives you picks plus a lot of tools. The best tool is the app that shows the live odds at Vegas sports books and offshore books as well. You can actually pay for the service just by getting better odds by knowing what book to place Your bet.

Team Rankings This might be the most honest site on the internet. All past bets are listed and You get tons of free information. Very good site for finding out things like scoring in the first and second half, yards per game on offense, defense, etc…

The following are very honest handicappers and We keep the free picks on this page all the time.

I like this site the best because these handicappers compete with each other and no way will they let one Person say they had Boston yesterday if they didn’t. They make more money if they are on the top of the leader board, it is the same way PGA golfers make sure No One cheats they have to sign the opponent’s score card!

MGM Resorts well ahead of Caesars Entertainment on Smoking policy

sign that you see when you first arrive at the bellagio sports book
MGM Resorts International and Caesar’s Entertainment Group are constantly competing for Your business, after all they make up the vast majority of Hotels on the famous Las Vegas Strip. There are only a few properties not owned by one of these mega public companies, a few are the Venetian, Palazzo, Wynn, Encore, Treasure Island and the Cosmopolitan, all the rest on the Strip are either MGM or Caesars owned. As a customer You want to get as much bang for Your buck so most likely You will pick either MGM or Caesar’s Hotels and stick to it so all Your points are going toward free stuff. If You are a NON smoker, I need to inform You that MGM has now made all their Poker Rooms and Sports Books non smoking. The Poker Rooms have always been non smoking for some reason but just recently the Sports books in all properties are now non smoking. This non smoking policy applies to Aria, MGM Grand, Monte Carlo, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Bellagio, Mirage and Circus Circus. Caesars still not only allows smoking but even Cigars are allowed. Even though only 10 percent of the Customers are smoking Cigarettes and less than one percent are smoking Cigars the full room is ruined by this minority of it’s Customers.

no smoking sign on the tables at bellagio Not only has MGM stopped smoking in their sports books, they are serious about it. There are others that say they are non smoking but plenty of People walk right in and smoke and No One stops them. The MGM sports books go the extra mile and put the signs all over the Sports books.

small sign that says no smoking at bellagio sports book You will see this sign at the desk that have the small tv’s. The sign is very well seen without being negative to your sports experience. It is not enough to say You are non smoking if there is no enforcement of the violators, at the MGM properties You cannot plead ignorance since the signs are everywhere. If You go to the Westgate Sports books the sign can easily be missed so smokers always say they did not know but the cancer is already in Innocent People’s lungs.

I am not sure how the Poker Rooms were first to abolish all types of smoking but that is the case all over Vegas. I have yet to find a Poker Room that is NOT non smoking. I do not want to look a gift horse in the mouth but why did Poker Players get protected from Cancer before slot players, crap players, Black Jack players or any other areas of the casino? But now that MGM has banned it in all their sports books it can only be a short time for Caesars to follow or be left behind, then We can move on to Slots or Table games. One day at a time, sweet Jesus, one day at a time.

Put non smoking Customers and all Casino workers in Your prayers for they are dying Everyday that Casinos are not 100 percent smoke free. The smokers made a choice to ruin their health but We did not.