las vegas nascar race at las vegas motor speedway march 7 8 9, 2014

NASCAR Las Vegas Motor Speedway March 7,8, 2015

las vegas nascar race at las vegas motor speedway march 7 8 9, 2014
NASCAR is coming to Las Vegas Motor Speedway March 7,8, 2015
If You like NASCAR, You will love it in Las Vegas. A lot of things are done in Las Vegas that are not able to be done elsewhere on the circuit. Catch the NASCAR trailer parade on Thursday before the weekend, right down the Las Vegas Strip. Catch the fun and games downtown when the Drivers get on stage and do all kinds of things You are not used to them doing. All over Vegas You will find different activities relating to the drivers. You might even see a few drivers gambling in the Casinos. The race itself has now become one of the favorite 1.5 mile tracks on the schedule. Lots of side by side racing that cannot be found at all tracks. Then there is the racing itself, everything is changed for 2014. Now it is worth Your time to go to qualifying. Qualifying used to be boring but not anymore, NASCAR has implemented Knock out style like used in Formula One and it is already a big hit. And with Dale Earnhardt Junior already in the Chase with His Daytona 500 win, NASCAR has never been more popular. If You are a Junior fan, this is a great race to go to because He loves the racing that Las Vegas Motor Speedway produces. Tip for the race: dress in layers, the wind really whips in the desert and it can get very chilly but it can also get very hot, the weather in March in the desert is really a crap shoot.

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