Las Vegas Residents delusional about NFL Football Stadium

I keep reading articles and watching local Vegas Tv reporting on the possible new stadium that would be home to the Las Vegas Raiders. In this reporting many People bring up the fact that Las Vegans are not rich enough to afford the outrageous ticket prices that NFL teams charge, much less have money left over for a couple 12 dollars beers and a 8 dollar hot dog. That part I agree with but the point is there are some People that live above the “Service Wages” that Las Vegas pays, those People might make up 5000 per game and of course that is not near enough to make this successful, but so what that is not the People that will be coming to these games but only if the stadium is located on the Las Vegas strip. If it is located on Russell Road on the other side of I-15 it will be a a total waste of money for the tax payers, regardless where the money really comes from.

The Las Vegas Raiders will sellout every game if the Stadium is located on the Las Vegas Strip but not with Raiders fans but with fans of the team that the raiders are playing and that is great for Las Vegas because each Person will be spending at least 1000 – 3000 dollars while here. Yes, some will be flying in from nearby and could actually be Raiders fans but for argument sake most will be for the other team. Imagine Your team is Cleveland, wouldn’t You pick the second game to attend be in Las Vegas? Wouldn’t You spend at least three days here? But You would only do so if the game offered a party atmosphere right up to game time and that can only happen if it is walkable from any Hotel/Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

But not to worry Las Vegas Residents, this is not an insult to You, maybe You go to one game every year or every two years but You could party with the fans prior to any game and never pay the admission charge and the pregame is more fun anyway. Party prior then walk over to a sports book and watch the game for free then party more when the game is over, cheap day out in Las Vegas. Let the Visitors pay for the Stadium, let them pay for 12 dollar beers.

If the Stadium gets built NOT on the Strip I will know it is corruption. Either from the owner of the property that is not on the strip or from the taxi companies that will rake up on game day. If the Stadium is on the strip the whole experience would be better and probably the best in the whole NFL, Everyone will be talking about it. But if it is located off the strip in one of our dangerous ghettos, We will be the laughing stock of the NFL and We do not have enough police officers to protect these valuable Visitors.

If the Stadium is built in walking distance to the Strip very little will be changed to make this happen, People will fly in and stay at a Strip hotel and either walk to the stadium or take the Monorail or tram, nothing extra needs to be built. If it is off strip it is a whole new problem with game day traffic and drunk drivers. People are going to get tore up drunk for the game, its Vegas, make it where they will never need to drive. Taxis and Uber would not be the answer, People would still drive themselves if they cannot walk. Drunk drivers in Las Vegas is a big big problem because We also have drunk walkers, that is a deadly combo. Imagine the pub crawl that could mean millions to all the bars up and down the Las Vegas Strip if the stadium is at one end or the other. Not only is there the monorail there is also the tram that will take People from Bellagio to a walkway to Monte Carlo, then You have another tram at Excalibur to get You to Mandalay Bay, have a drink at each stop. But if the Stadium is in the ghetto on the other side of I-15, what a buzz kill looking for how to get there and no drinking right up to game time.