why is gay marriage not legal in las vegas

Gay Marriage not legal in Las Vegas, Why Not?

why is gay marriage not legal in las vegas

Sixteen states and the District of Columbia now grant same-sex marriages. Why isn’t there a bigger stink in Nevada, especially Las Vegas for not making gay marriage legal here? Las Vegas is losing a fortune due to the backward thinking of the state of Nevada. Same sex marriage will be legal in every state in America in a matter of time, possibly 10 years and maybe in the world just a little longer than that. At least 30 percent of the American population that was strongly against gay marriage are now neutral or for it. The ones that are neutral on the issue likely will not vote at all and that alone would swing the vote to approve gay marriage.

The LGBT is certainly thought of as one of the most powerful group of People in America but seems to be lacking organization. The use of boycotts and other pressure may need to be applied but if nothing else the City of Las Vegas should be spending every extra dime in its lobbying budget to push this to a vote immediately. As it stands now the vote will not go before the People of Nevada until 2016, that’s billions of dollars lost to California and other nearby states that have approved or will approve gay marriage before 2016.