drunk mayor goodman rude to bourdain

Former Mayor Goodman, sorry for drunk rant about Anthony Bourdain

drunk mayor goodman rude to bourdain

Former Las Vegas Mayor Goodman has always warned Anyone that would listen that if You catch Him after 5pm, do so at Your own risk! So when Anthony Bourdain scheduled a dinner with Him at 8pm and was a little late, Well, He warned You! Actually when Anthony arrived Goodman was polite, it was just before He arrived that He told Bourdain’s production crew that He was “outta here”. Goodman claims it was because He was on martini number 3 and if Bourdain would have shown up on time He would have been on number 2, the 3rd one made Him mean.
The dinner went on with Bourdain asking crazy questions about Vegas and Goodman giving crazy answers. The former mob boss lawyer turned mayor is a Man of His word, catch Him after 5pm at Your own risk!