britney working out for vegas show

Britney Spears doesn’t like to Gamble

Britney Spears doesn’t like to Gamble, claims to not drink either. Well, if I was going to pick one place on earth to do My show, the last place I would pick is Las Vegas if I didn’t gamble or drink. She said this in a recent interview with E Online.
britney working out for vegas show
Britney, 36 years old, has been training hard to get in good shape for the high demands that a live show can bring. The one thing She did not mention is if She was able to give up smoking. She would be a lot better off to give up the smoking and start up the drinking. Britney did tell E Online that She is happy to make Las Vegas a second home for 2 years so She can sleep in a familiar bed every night. But do not believe too much of that, We suspect that She will be on a Jet, minutes after Her Show and landing in Los Angeles, 45 minutes later. It is not uncommon for contracts to include use of Hotel Property Jets, even though Britney has Her own use, the Caesar’s owned Jet is most likely free for Her to use and why pay for fuel if You don’t have to.