Bellagio Fountains Free Las Vegas Entertainment

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Bellagio Fountains Free Las Vegas Entertainment
Did You know that every time these pumps fire up the water jets for this show it cost more than 10,000 dollars? Don’t worry Bellagio can afford it.
The Bellagio Fountains is a must see Free Las Vegas Attraction. You can see it over and over and never see the exact same show twice and the night and the day show are really like night and day. A computer system controls every drop of water to sync with every beat of music. The show is in Lake Bellagio in front of the Bellagio Hotel. You can get a view of this show from so many areas its almost impossible to not get a good view. This free Las vegas Attraction is one You will most likely see even if You do not intend to. It might be in a cab ride when going through Las Vegas Center Strip or just walking from one casino to another, especially going in Planet Hollywood, just turn around and take a look. When You return home People will ask You what You thought about the fountains.
bellagio fountains free entertainment las vegas