Aria Hotel Casino Center Strip Las Vegas

5 / 5 stars      

Aria Resort Casino Las Vegas

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review of aria resort las vegas Aria is located Center Strip in the most prime location. It is situated in the same group of buildings as CityCentre, the mega, luxury complex that includes, Crytals, shopping mall for the rich and famous. Aria was planned at the peak of the boom in Las Vegas, anything You built People would come and pay to use it. Plenty of lawsuits were filed and some still unsettled in this multi billion dollar mega complex that includes other hotels and resident condos. Aria lives up to its rating and over achieves slightly but keep in mind this is a luxury resort and it is not cheap. Aria is still new enough that You will never get a bad room or a wore out bed. The hotel is “green” so green in fact that all the light bulbs in the casino are LCD and when You first walk in You think You are not going to be able to see to walk. Aria is a 5 star rated hotel and We think it lives up to that but does not surpass it.

Aria Room Rates

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